Outfitting Your Ship.... What do You Need?

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Outfitting Your Ship.... What do You Need?

Post by Truthpastor HG Super on Tue Jul 23, 2013 5:43 am


In this post I will answer some basic questions.

First you ship is broken down into seven distinct categories:


Each of these serve a specific purpose, but most also ADD traits to your overall ship composition.

Weapons can be from Heteroclite, Pirate, Wyrd, or Rift factions.  Here are some GENERAL attributes about each factions weapons.

Heteroclite weapons TEND to focus more on EXP, HEALTH, and anti-Stun/Hook traits. More defensive weapons.

Pirate weapons TEND to focus more on Critical Damage, Crit Percentage, Hit Chance, and Evasion.  Balanced between offense and defense (Eva) with some speed increases on a few weapons.

Wyrd weapons TEND to focus more on Critical Damage and Percentage, but also on increasing Hook or Stun chance.  More offensive weapons.

Rift weapons are the most powerful and sought after heavily.  They are very rare.  They TEND to focus mainly on increasing your SPEED (very important) and your Critical Damage or Percentage with other variations.

HULLS- These are your best defensive items.  There are three STRAINS of hulls.

Defensive (Heavier Hull - SLOWER SPEED) - Osmium, Holocrine, and Carbide

Normal (no bonus to speed or hull) - Thorium, Composite, and Cytoplast

Offensive (LEAST HULL - FASTEST SPEED) - Diamond, Exo, and Titanium (which makes these slightly more valuable)

And then these breakdown further into:

Health Regen/Critical Resist:  Holo, Composite, Exo  (which makes these more valuable)

Evasion/Stun Resist: Thorium, Osmium, Diamond

Evasion/Grapple Resist: Carbide, Cytoplast, Titanium

Putting that all together... an Exo Hull is typically worth more than a Thorium Hull.  So, be careful when selling or buying hulls.

STORAGE: Simply put... the more you can hold, the better. But you have to be careful using up equipment points... an ultra-rare III is ZERO equip points. So just be wise in what you use.

Engines: These are great to getting places quickly... but they are expensive and some are subject to damage. Three engines are available as of this post.

Skip Drive: Additional evasion and hit chance, but a HUGE change it will be damaged. (not recommended)

Stealth Drive: The heart of the Assassin, a must for PVP players. Comes standard on the Wyrd Assassin ship (which means you can use more than one engine - bingo)... which is what I drive... Highly recommended.

Gravity Drive: A great engine with a chance to "inst-jump" rather than waiting on cooldown. Great for getting places or escaping. Highly Recommended.

Computer: Bonus at a cost... too many computers to list, but be sure to notice one thing:

Mark I-IV units are less units to Tech I-III units. Be careful and weigh out the cost a computer.

Havok and Cabal tend to be the ones people focus on due to speed or critical boosts.


Out of time... more later....

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