Basic Information for those New to TIB

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Basic Information for those New to TIB

Post by Truthpastor HG Super on Tue Jul 23, 2013 3:27 am


Here are some helpful hints!

1. Stay in Grey until you are forced out.  (See separate topic for reasons why)

2. Be patient, you will have to grind through the grey farming period to earn enough credits to have the right equipment to play in the black area effectively.  If you don't... you will go to black and be under powered and under equipped.  

3. Farm with friends... make friends, this game is a social game.  

4. Chat Commands... there are many commands to help you.  Hit the ? on the screen and look at all the commands you can do.  Use them often, it will help you to understand the game better.

5. HC accounts.... Don't do it until you are done farming Grey.  It will take that long for you to understand how to play the game, it is that deep.

6. Corp Garrison:  This one of the very few places in black that you are relatively safe.  It is a place where you could store damaged equipment and have it get repaired for 1% every day.  But you will need to talk to you corp leadership to make sure there is room and that you stuff is documented otherwise it could disappear.

7. It is always wise to advance your corp garrison.  You do this by doing research when on the garrison sector.  I advise at least one drop per day (if you are in black - grey farms stay in grey).

8. Alliance Planet:  This is usually the only place outside of Earth that you can buy ships.  Ships at the planet will be larger than the ones at Earth, depending on the Gaia rating. Currently Chaos Planet is Gaia II.  It is advised to research the planet too, if you have the means. (same as garrison)

9. Augmenting, you can also do any augmenting of equipment at the planet.  This takes Black Dollars.

10. Credits vs. Black Dollars (BD's) - This part of the beauty and difficulty of the game.  Credits are earned based on your killing NPCS.  Over time you will accumulate millions of credits, if you farm effectively. Black Dollars are dropped by NPCS on rare occasions.  If you are in a stack with other non-alliance members you will need to be quick to click on them or you will lose them.  In a alli or corp stack, be willing to share and communicate. As you grow as a player and help others, I encourage you to give it to the newer player to start.    Black Dollars can also be purchased (with real dollars) at Whalesong's website.  They are expensive.  But, since the game is free, consider how much time you put in and what you would have paid for another game like Halo, Call of Duty, Starcraft, etc...   just consider buying BD's as paying for a great game.

11. BD's are useful for many things...  augmenting equipment, ranking up or down equipment, buying equipment, but probably the best single purchase is buying Wyrd ships like the Assassin and Reaper.  I STRONGLY recommend the Assassin (1,000 BD's) because it has a built in STEALTH drive, which is VERY helpful in escaping an enemy and is only 1 equip point less than a Reaper (which has a built in BEAM) which is also helpful, but is 1,000 more bds than the Assassin.

12. Building your ship...  (see separate topic)

13. Chat commands and setup on screen:  I recommend using the 2 Column setup if your screen can handle it. This allows you to keep allies in one column and enemies in another.  It is under LOG & LIST FILTERS.  I would also recommend turning OFF the GENERAL CHAT, this will keep you from posting in the wrong chat box related to the those outside the alliance.
There are several other commands under the CHAT and LOG & LIST Filters that you might want to play with based on your personal preferences.

14. The Trophy:  This leads you to the leaderboards and other helpful information.  You can learn about players, corporations, alliances, and equipment.  You can also learn about how much to charge for equipment based on previous purchase history from the Auction House.

15. Auction House: This is where people can openly sell the equipment they do not want to use or found in drops from NPCS or stole in PVP.  Be careful, prices can vary wildly and it is best to get someone who has been playing a while to help you with pricing.

There is more that needs to be said, but I am out of time... EXPLORE the game interface, ASK questions, and ENJOY this amazing game!



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