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Welcome to Chaos Newbie Guide

Post by Warwoz Terra Leader on Tue Jun 25, 2013 8:33 pm

Welcome to the Chaos Alliance!

No matter which corporation you have chosen we want you to know you have picked a great family!  The leaders of every corporation are here to help you.  We suggest you start with the leaders of your own corporation, but if they are not available feel free to contact any of the alliance leaders.

Now, your first question is probably, "What am I doing?"

Great question!  Well first off you are playing an MMOG (Massive Multi-player Online Game) that is designed to work on the mobile platform.  What that means is that there are literally thousands of people playing this game at the same time all around the world.  And you are now entering into a world where the social game is as much a part of the game as the ships and conquests.

To begin with you start with a very small, but agile, ship called a shuttle. The shuttle has 3 EQUIPMENT POINTS for you to equip weapons, hull (defense), storage, and other items as your ship gets larger.  If you are in a shuttle the best thing you can do to start is to get a STORAGE II unit from a starport or possibly from your corporation leadership (ask there first).  Then UNEQUIP the hull on the shuttle and equip that storage unit.  That, with your weapon, will take up the 3 equipment points you have on the shuttle.

Now that you are equipped correctly for FARMING (gathering resources) now you need to venture beyond the blue and into the GREY.

GREY is the sector surrounding Earth for approximately 7-9 sectors out.  This is an area where you can engage NPC (Non-Player Character) ships in combat to the death!  Don't worry too much, unless you are not paying attention, you will probably survive your encounters.  You cannot be engaged by other players in the grey, so you are safe from PVP (Player-Vs-Player) attacks.

I strongly suggest that you farm with other corporation members no matter what sector of space you are in.  This will help you to learn the ropes better and engage in action with your comrades in arms.  Sometimes you will run into a group of NPC that will be too much for you to handle on your own, so having a wingman or 3 is a great strategy.

During your time in grey you will be ranking up.  At every 5 levels you will be able to equip more advanced items on your ship. 

YOUR FIRST GOAL in grey is to obtain a BATTLESHIP. (ask your individual corporate leaders how to obtain this)  A Battleship is the best ship that you can purchase at Earth.  It costs $62,500 credits and has 8 equipment points (EP).

You should be able purchase it before level 5, if you farm well and do not waste credits on things like... SPACEBALL!  (see other topic)

Next you can either join the rest of your alliance in our alliance controlled space (Yard) but this is risky, we recommend that you still in grey sectors until you reach level 10. At level 10 you will be able to fit rare gear.

Your next ship to buy depends on the credits you have accumulated, if you have enough, go for the Flayer ship class, this is the most common used ship in the game. If you don't have enough ask your fellow corp members to help or buy a flagship.

In regards to your gear setup, there are other topics on this forum to help you decide which direction to go on or which role you wish to choose, Stun, Hook, Tech, Tank, etc so other topics for more details. If you are unsure about anything were here to help, ask on forums or in game.

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